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How To Win On Online Pokies?

how to win online pokies (1)Online Pokies are among the most popular games in terms of online or land-based casinos. They are all the rage and are hugely successful thanks to their ease of use.

Between online and land-based casinos, there are thousands of models of slot machines, and they are to all tastes, shapes, and designs; we are spoiled for choice. It should not be forgotten that slot machine games are risky and require a lot of luck; you cannot win every time. So how to win Online Pokies in Australia?

How to Play Online Pokies in Australia?

To play a slot machine, you need to insert coins into a slot before pressing a “Roll” or “Play” button, then pull the arm of the one-armed bandit. Follow all the steps to maximise your chances of winning.

1. Choosing a Slot Machine

This step is essential. Although winning depends solely on the machine you choose to use. For example, video reel slots feature a touch screen from which the player will draw winning combinations. In any case, the winnings always depend on the number of coins paid.

2. Play Online Pokies and Win

First, set your bet using the pokie controls and check what a spin will cost. Next, use the autospin button to keep turning the reels while you watch. Use the max bet button to win more if you can afford it.

3. Withdrawal of Winnings

Once you win, the ‘Cash Out Credits’ button lets you eject your new chips from the machine. After dropping the chips, you must exchange them for euros at the cashier.

How To Optimise Your Chances Of Winning At Slot Machines

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Online Pokies already have a strong reputation in the world of gambling and casino games, as they are known to be games of pure chance where you can do nothing but wait for your luck to do all the work for you. However, the most experienced players reveal that there are strategies to adopt to increase your chances of success. So, how to win on Online Pokies ?

Know Your Slot Machine

Before you start playing on your chosen slot machine, you should first learn about the machine and its features because although all of these machines use random number generators (RNGs), they do differ from each other, especially in terms of pay-out rates, with some having a pay-out rate of 99%, 98% or 85%.

Using Bonuses And Comp Points

Slot machines allow players to benefit from various bonuses. At online casinos, players usually get welcome bonuses when they sign up and more bonuses to consider. They allow you to receive more or less important winnings without getting ruined.

Play The Maximum Coins

Most slot machines, especially the newer and more modern ones, allow players to insert multiple coins or chips at once for the same spin.

Chips have many different functions, some of which allow you to multiply your winnings and others to activate new pay lines, so in summary, the more coins and chips you play, the better your chances of winning and hitting the jackpot.

Choosing Three-Reel Slots

Slot machines come in different shapes and designs and have different settings; there are three-reel single payline slots and four or five-reel multiple payline slots.

Choosing the ones with only three reels is preferable, as it is enough to align three identical symbols to receive the winnings. Still, mathematically speaking, these reels with 20 symbols, for example, have a total of 8,000 possible combinations, while the ones with 5 reels and still with 20 symbols have more than three million.

Limiting A Budget Not To Overspend

It is essential to learn to play within your means; to do this, you must choose the slot machines best suited to your budget. When you place bets higher than your budget, you should not expect a miracle; on the contrary, the fall may be painful because you risk losing the whole bet and much more unless luck is at its best.

Play the best Online Pokies in Australia

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