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Lightning Link Online Pokie Review

Winnie Isiah | October 1, 2021 | Updated on: February 16th, 2024

Lightning Link Online Slot ReviewAristocrat, one of the most rated slot developers, continues to amaze the gaming community with wonder slot plays. Lightning Link Slot is one game that upholds the same reputation.

You get to enjoy the cores of casino gaming while enlarging your opportunities to strike hard on the jackpot. Lightning Link Slot has interesting bonus packages, odd gameplay, and a supportive theme. Below is a detailed overview of the Lightning Link slot.

Lightning Link Game Information


Software: Aristocrat
RTP: Unlimited
Reels: 5
Paylines: Multiple
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet: 50.00

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Lightning Link Slot Overview

Expect better scatters, bonus rounds, and wild placements. Players have an opportunity to gain x8888 of the initial bet if they manage to place good combinations of 3 similar images. Identical pictures are placed from the initial drum to the far right reel.

We have to mention that cash prizes are easy to win. The basic rule when it comes to Lightning Link Slot is that a bet is created from the valuation of your coin. Not only that but from the exact number of lines and bets placed per coin.

What really determines the coin value? Well, coin value is used by turning lines into 10 steps. The turning process is pretty simple because the HOLD1-HOLD5 buttons, which are easy to navigate are used.

You can find them at the center of the screen. By simply selecting One Bet, you have successfully opted for Line Bet. Paytable successfully calls the paytable. You can see that Lightning Link Slot has some intrinsic rules and guides as compared to other modern slot plays.

You also have to understand 3 information windows. Their function is to display balances, that is credit balance. Also displayed are the exact numbers of active lines, the number of coins on the betting line, and the total amount of bet represented by (Bet). Obviously, you have to encounter a risky game however, this part will be explained in detail as we delve into the gameplay section.

Lightning Link Slot Gameplay

Lightning Link Slot Gameplay

As we have mentioned earlier, the Lightning Link Slot game has some pretty exciting scatters, multipliers, and jokers. The hub of activity in the gameplay becomes more exciting because of massive jackpots opportunities and free spin plays.

In terms of basic symbols, check out how they allow players to gain payouts while creating ongoing chains of various similar pictures on what is called an active band or active bands in plural terminology.

This initiates on the left part of the column. For the initial round, decent wins can be obtained however, maximum options for each and every position are only taken into consideration. Looking at the value of the payment, it’s actually determined and underlined by 2 values. Looking at the line bet, it is expanded or multiplied by a factor that starts from 2x reaching that x10000 mark.

Always attempt the double-round game when you obtain the money. For all beginners, you are probably wondering how the video slot looks like. Well, expect a five drum model which contains a total of 15 characters on the main screen display. Luckily for players, they are able to play 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 lanes.

That’s how fascinating this gameplay part is. For all equal, square bets, they are executed on 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 chips each.

Risky Game

In the overview section, we highlighted that more will be dispatched in the gameplay. Firstly, select either of the two brightly glowing gamble buttons. Check out the window on display and you are asked to select a colour on the map.

Many players will be seeking a better prediction because that’s what guarantees a double gain. However, a wrong selection brings about a reset meaning that players are to start the whole procedure again.

There are free spin modes available and they are non-selective. How do they operate? Well, a gambler gains 10 free spins attached with wild icon stripes. These attachments are positioned on the 1st and 5th reels. Relaunching is pretty impossible because the coil which has icon activations of free spins is also accompanied by other names.

Lightning Link Bonus Features

Lightning Link Bonus Features

The sticky joker is the best and most interesting feature in the entire bonus round section. It is also used as a bonus-free spin. The basic rule behind the sticky feature is pretty simple. The first and fifth reel is transformed into icons of joker before you start to consider free spins.

This is done to substitute other pictures with usual wild usual ones. Check out bonus icons located on columns 1 and 5, they also have some mouthwatering gains.

Lightning Link Final Verdict

Lightning Link is quite odd but at the same time interesting as compared with other Aristocrat slot games. Players get to enjoy traditional slots and an eye for massive bonus rounds and jackpot opportunities. Remember that coin valuation starts from 0. 01 to a dollar. There is nothing complicated about Lightning Link. Playing convenience is top-notch through mobile play. We give this slot game 3 out of 5 stars.