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Play Baccarat Online – Top-Rated Baccarat Games

Play Baccarat Online While online baccarat is mostly associated with high rollers, it’s offered to anyone at online gambling sites. You don’t need to be James Bond to play and win at real money baccarat online casinos.

All you need is to know is the rules, bets, payouts, and online baccarat strategies to get started. So, read our guide below because we’ve listed everything you need to know.

Best Online Baccarat Sites


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Play Real Money Baccarat Online

Playing for real money is what makes baccarat online so exciting, and we highly recommend it. If you’re not convinced, here are some things to consider:

  • You can enjoy baccarat games anywhere as long as you have a secure internet connection and avoid actual casinos.
  • Baccarat is more accessible to players with smaller budgets, and you don’t need a lot of money to place side bets.
  • It’s faster than live baccarat, and you can play more hands in an hour.
  • Online casino games are also considered to be fairer than land-based games because of random number generators.
  • Lastly, you’re guaranteed to get your winnings online as long as you follow the rules.
Best Online Baccarat Sites


How to Play Baccarat

After deciding to play this card game, it’s time to learn how with our easy steps:

  1. Choose your variation and load it up at your chosen casino.
  2. Place your bet on the table to enter the round (but check the chip size before you do).
  3. Click on deal to receive your original two-card hand and see if you have a natural eight or nine.
  4. Consider your hand if you don’t have eight or nine, because the rules will dictate that you:
    • Either click hit to receive a third card and improve your hand total;
    • Or pick stand and stick to your current total;
  5. Get paid if the dealer draws and their hand is worth less than yours, or yours is less than theirs, then start again.

Standard Baccarat Rules

Whenever you play a game of baccarat, you have to follow the rules when you make a move. These are the rules of the game you’ll find most often at casinos:

  • First, all face cards count as zero in the game, so you’ll need to ignore those.
  • Secondly, the highest card value will always be nine.
  • Third, if your hand value goes over nine, only the second number counts, i.e., 11 is a value of one.
  • Fourth, receiving eight or nine as your original hand means you win immediately.
  • Firth, the game is usually played between a baccarat player and a banker, not players.
  • Lastly, you’ll always receive your cards before the banker.
How to Play Baccarat

Bets, Payouts & Odds

Payouts in online baccarat are based on the rules and house edge, with a 5% commission on banker bets. Every casino site has the same house edge if they offer a game from one software provider.

These are the typical odds for baccarat online, though the games will have a paytable if there are differences:

Bets Odds Payout
Banker Bet 1.06% 0.95 to 1
Player Bet 1.24% 1 to 1
Tie Bet (8-to-1 payout) 14.4% 8 to 1
Tie Bet (8-to-1 payout) 4.85% 9 to 1
3-Card Win 0.38% Player 4 to 1, Banker 5 to 1


Types of Baccarat Games

There are a handful of standard baccarat types you can expect at casinos, and each has some unique rules:

  1. Punto Banco is the version of the game you’ll encounter most of the time. It uses six to eight decks of cards and the rules above.
  2. Chemin de Fer is considered the “French” version and uses six decks with players taking turns as the banker. Your cards are dealt out face down, as is the banker’s hand.
  3. Baccarat Banque – in Banque, the player who bets the most becomes the banker. It’s played with multiple card decks, and only three hands are dealt out – two-player hands and a banker’s hand.
  4. EZ Baccarat features special side wagers to up the ante, and you have to hit or stand according to the rules. This is our favourite game to play because it’s a new spin.
  5. Mini-baccarat is not a scaled-down version of baccarat; it just has fewer players at the table. But, you get a hand, and you’re only against the banker.

Online Baccarat Real Money Strategy

If you want a little excitement, we recommend testing betting systems or strategies. These are set rules for gameplay and betting you follow to win more money.

At least, that’s what the sites toting them want you to believe so you’ll buy the charts. While these systems are fun to test on online baccarat games, they don’t beat the house edge or increase your winning odds.

Types of Online Baccarat Games

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