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Best Online Lotto Australia 2022

Best Online Lotto Online lotto games feature the life-changing jackpots every gambler dreams of winning. There are nearly daily lotto draws for players who buy tickets online or at the nearest retailer in Australia. No matter what you prefer, a draw or instant win is waiting.

So, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help Australian players get the best deal from online lotto tickets. We’ve included some handy tips, types of lotto games, and some other facts to help you choose the right lottery game for your needs.

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Types of Australian Lotto Games

Many different online lottos are available, so we’ve listed the best options. All of these games can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Powerball Lottery

Powerball is one of the most popular lottos in Australia and draws take place every Thursday night for a guaranteed $3 million. Each draw features two sets of numbered balls in two barrels. The first barrel contains 35 balls, of which seven are drawn each time. In the second barrel are 20 numbers for the Powerball. Your chances of winning the full ticket are 1 in 134 490 400.

Oz Lotto

Each Oz Lotto features a single barrel of balls featuring numbers 1 through 45 for a minimum prize of $2 million. Nine balls are drawn randomly on Tuesdays, with seven winning and two supplementary numbers. Winning odds for landing all seven numbers are 1 in 45 379 620, which is not high. On the bright side, you can win one of the lower divisions.

Monday Lotto

Four Division 1 winners are guaranteed $1 million in jackpot draws from six numbers every Monday. These are drawn from a barrel of 45 numbers, and your chances are 1 in 8 145 060 to match all six numbers. Other prize divisions are also available, so it’s a great way to test your luck.

Wednesday Lotto

Meanwhile, Wednesday Lotto draws feature a guaranteed $1 million jackpot for a single lucky Division 1 winner. Your probabilities are also 1 in 8 145 060 to hit the top prize from six lucky numbers. So, get your ticket before the draw cut-off an hour before the live results.

Saturday Lotto

No matter what name you know it by, the Saturday Lotto is the biggest event of the week for guaranteed jackpots. One lucky Division 1 player is guaranteed at least $5 million for matching all six balls on the winning ticket.

Online Lotto Strike

With a guaranteed Division 1 prize pool of $100 000, Lotto Strike is an exciting addition to the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Lotto draws. While you can’t win a million, the odds are in your favour for a small win if you match enough numbers.

Set for Life

While most lotteries feature an instant win, Set for Life is an annuity lotto offering a Division 1 winner $20 000 every month for 20 years. So, you’ll be playing for a guaranteed income instead of a one-off prize. You only need to match all seven main numbers to be set up for life!

Super Jackpot

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot is a raffle-style game where no two tickets are the same, so you need never share the prize. Each drawing has a guaranteed $100 000 prize and a chance to win $500 000 in winnings.

Mega Jackpot Online Lotto

The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot features a minimum prize of $1 million for a lucky winner and a guaranteed $200 000 prize. Like the Super version, there are 10 000 guaranteed prizes for this raffle-style game in Australia.

How to Play Online Lotto

  1. Sign up for a lotto account and verify it with your proof of identity and address.
  2. Fund your account with real cash from your preferred payment method.
  3. Choose one of the many offered Australia lotteries from the list.
  4. Use the quick pick option or your lucky numbers to fill your ticket.
  5. Wait for the draw to get the results and discover which division you’ve finished in.
  6. Then, receive your prize from the lotto and keep playing tickets for another shot at the prize.
Australian Lotto Games

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