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Cupid’s Charm Tournament at Lucky Hunter

Cupid’s Charm invites you to a month-long love-filled adventure at Lucky Hunter! From January 23 to February 24, feel the love vibes as we present the ultimate gaming spectacle with a whopping AU$ 270,000 in prizes. No need to sign up – dive into the action automatically! Get ready to spin and win in five thrilling tournaments, each with its winning strategy. With games from Bongo and Playson and prizes for every style of play, it’s time to catch Cupid’s arrows and win big Down Under! Are you up for the love-filled challenge?


Cupid’s Charm Tournament Overview

Getting into the Cupid’s Charm Tournament is super easy – you’re automatically in when you play! No extra steps; enjoy the games and your part of the tournament. And guess what? There’s a timer showing how much time is left – it’s like a countdown to awesome prizes! Keep an eye on the “ENDS IN” section to know when it all wraps up. So, don’t wait around; dive into the games and be part of the excitement before time runs out!

Prize Details: Big Wins Await!

Let’s talk about the exciting part – the prizes! Picture this: a massive pool of AU$ 270,000 waiting to be scooped up. It’s like a treasure trove of cash prizes just for playing your favorite games. And guess what? The top 10 winners get to grab a piece of this amazing prize pie.

Here’s the scoop on how it’s divided: the first winner snags $2000, the second gets $1800, and so on, all the way down to the tenth place with a cool $1000. So, aim high, spin those reels, and get ready for some serious winning action!

Cupid’s Charm Qualification for Participation

Getting into the Cupid’s Charm Tournament is super simple! First things first, make sure your bets are at least AU$ 0.81 – that’s the key to the door of the tournament. And here’s the fun part –spin those reels 100 times. Yep, that’s it! It’s like opening a treasure chest of prizes.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, keep those bets at $0.81 or more, spin away, and you’re all set to dive into the tournament fun!


1.  $2000
2. $1800
3. $1600
4. $1300
5. $1000
6. $1000
7. $1000
8. $1000
9. $1000
10: $1000

Cupid’s Charm Tournament Schedule

Players can engage in these tournaments by meeting the qualification criteria and playing the specified participating games.

1. Kiss of Fortune (23.01.2024 – 27.01.2024)

  • Prize pool: AU$ 45,000.
  • Places: 180.
  • Participating games: Booongo and Playson games
  • Strategy: Win Race – Players earn points for each winning spin. (AU$ 1.5 = 1 point)

2. Love Rush (30.01.2024 – 03.02.2024)

  • Prize pool: AU$ 67,500.
  • Places: 250.
  • Participating games: Booongo and Playson games
  • Strategy: Multiplier Race – Players earn 1 point for each x1 multiplier in a winning spin.

3. Sweetheart Jackpots (08.02.2024 – 10.02.2024)

  • Prize pool: AU$ 37,500.
  • Places: 150.
  • Participating games: Booongo and Playson games
  • Strategy: HIGHEST SINGLE ROUND PAYOUT. Only the biggest wins (payouts) count. The player gets points for payouts, and their score remains until a higher payout occurs.

4. Amour Spins (13.02.2024 – 17.02.2024)

  • Prize pool: AU$ 75,000.
  • Places: 350.
  • Participating games: Booongo and Playson games
  • Strategy: WIN RACE. Players will get points for each winning spin. AU$ 1.5 = 1 point.

5. Romantic Euphoria (20.02.2024 – 24.02.2024)

  • Prize pool: AU$ 45,000.
  • Places: 180.
  • Participating games: Booongo and Playson games
  • Strategy: MULTIPLIER RACE. Players will get 1 point for each х1 multiplier in a winning spin.

Winning Strategies

Here is what you need to do to conquer each of the Cupid’s Charm tournaments. We’ve got winning strategies created for every player.

Kiss of Fortune (23.01 – 27.01): WIN RACE

  • Score points for every winning spin.
  • Every AU$ 1.5 wagered earns you 1 point.
  • Play games from Booongo and Playson to race your way to the top.

Love Rush (30.01 – 03.02): MULTIPLIER RACE

  • Earn 1 point for every x1 multiplier in a winning spin.
  • Dive into thrilling games from Booongo and Playson and multiply your way to victory.

Sweetheart Jackpots (08.02 – 10.02): HIGHEST SINGLE ROUND PAYOUT

  • Go for the biggest wins!
  • Only the highest payouts count.
  • Rack up points for your top single-round payouts.

Amour Spins (13.02 – 17.02): WIN RACE

  • Gather points for each winning spin.
  • Same as the first tournament – AU$ 1.5 equals 1 point.
  • Play the selected games and race towards the top spot.

Romantic Euphoria (20.02 – 24.02): MULTIPLIER RACE

  • Grab points for each x1 multiplier in your winning spins.
  • Play the specified games and chase those multipliers for a winning ed.

Cupid’s Charm Tournament Terms & Conditions

Participants are advised to review the official terms and conditions of the Cupid’s Charm Tournament at Lucky Hunter Casino Series before joining the competition. Key aspects of the terms and conditions include:

  • Minimum bet requirement of AU$ 0.81
  • Minimum number of spins required: 100.
  • Specific rules and guidelines for each tournament
  • Eligibility criteria and regulations for prize distribution
  • Procedures for dispute resolution and code of conduct for participants

Cupid’s Charm Winners!

The Cupid’s Charm Tournament Series offers an engaging and rewarding opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete for enticing prizes. With its structured schedule, diverse gameplay strategies, and substantial prize pool, the tournament series promises an exciting experience for online gaming enthusiasts.

Lucky Hunter Casino

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