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Is It Illegal To Play Online Pokies In Australia?

online-pokies-in-australia-_1_Australia is yet another country that does not want to see its gaming market completely flooded by online gambling. Its legislation is, therefore, somewhat hostile at this point. Still, Aussies are big gamers and additionally appreciate online gaming. Illegal sites flourish this way, and players do not hesitate to try them. Now, the question is, “is it illegal to play online pokies in Australia”? Let’s find out our expert answers.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Australia?

Yes, online gambling is legal for Australian players. The game has been an established Australian tradition since the dawn of time, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that it became a true institution in the Commonwealth. Around 2000, anti-gambling campaigners began to speak out, and it was clear that the Australian government was very concerned.

The only law passed in that short time was the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, known as the IGA. This new law was like what the US government called his UIGEA. The law does not make online gambling illegal for customers but focuses on gambling operators.

The Australian was able to get around his IGA ban because some US carriers found ways to get around his UIGEA ban. New online payment methods such as Neosurf and Wallet give players the freedom and security to choose their casino operator. This additional effort aims to protect players’ interests while providing Australians with the best online gambling platform.

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Online Pokies in Australia

Slot machines, often called online Pokies in Australia, are one of Australia’s most popular gambling games. There are currently specific laws governing the use of slot machines that are the responsibility of state/territory governments.

Today, online pokies are legal for local players to access. They could be a big market in Australia. This is exactly why most web-based casinos usually offer more than 250 different slot machines.

Are Winnings Taxed in Australia?

In Australia, the gambling operator, not the player, pays taxes. There are no circumstances under which Australian players pay income tax on winnings. The federal government considers this a hobby income and good luck charm.

The amount of tax the operator pays depends on the game type. These business taxes vary by state. Another way casinos pay taxes is through gambling licenses that they must obtain from the government to operate.

The only fee or charge a player may encounter while playing at an online casino are fees for withdrawing and depositing money at international casino sites.

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