What you need To Know About Planets

.There are a number of planets that surrounds the earth.

The definition of a planet depends on who is talking, according to experts.

This is because the meaning of the word planet has evolved over time and it shall continue to evolve.

Planet is a word used by ancient Greeks to describe stars.

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interesting facts about planets

planets surrounding earth

Here are interesting facts about planets.

Mercury is a Hot Planet but It Also has Ice

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it has ice on its surface. The ice is found in permanently shadowed craters. The craters never receive sunlight. The planet is too hot and it has no air.

Venus Does not Have Any Moon

Venus and Mercury do not have moons and experts do not know why. Other planets which are on the solar system have moons. A good example is  Saturn which has over 60 moons.

One of the Planets, Jupiter Is a Great Comet Catcher

Jupiter is the most gigantic planet in the solar system. It is 18 times the mass of earth.  Asteroid or  comet has a very big chance of being caught or diverted.

Astronomers Have not Been Able to Figure out How Old Saturn Rings are

Saturn is surrounded by a field ice and of rock debris that circulate the planet. The ice and rock appear as rings from afar. Scientists do not know how old these objects that surround the planet are.

Uranus is More Stormy than What Astronomers Thought

The planet drew closer to the sun in 2007. Telescope probing has revealed some storms going on on the planet. Astronomers have not been able to figure out why the storms are happening on the planet.

Supersonic Winds on Neptune

The storms that you will find on Neptune are greater than any storms that has ever happened on earth.  Winds blow at more than 1 100 miles per hour on the planet. It is still a mystery why that happens.

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