How Online Virtual Reality Casinos Work

The world is constantly changing with every industry experiencing technological advancements. The gaming industry has been trying to catch up in order to survive hence the introduction of online Virtual Reality casinos.

VR Casino

Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual reality casinos, what are they?

These are games that try to imitate a land-based casino, giving a player the feeling of physical being in a casino.

The games will give you a three-dimensional view. A player will need special equipment in order to play these games.

The key feature of VR casinos

VR allows you to chat and network with fellow gamblers and dealers. Virtual reality  gambling also has multiplayer games whereby multiple players can play at the same time.

With VR you can choose the characters that you would want to be.

Equipment used in VR casino gaming

If you want to play VR games you will need special goggles. The goggles do not come cheap so you need to do a bit of research in order to find the ones that suit you.

The games come with compatibility issues so you need to invest in a good computer in order to avoid the issues involved.

Here are some of the computer specs that will help you in choosing the right computer that you need to play VR games.

  • You will need a computer that is compatible with windows 7 SPI or above
  • You will also need an 8 gigabyte RAM
  • The computer must have Intel i5-4590 or higher.
  • You also need NVDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 or higher.
  • You should also have a controller and a head-mounted display.

Games you can play using VR

  • Blackjack

Unlike playing ordinarily online, using VR you can actually reach out and lay your chips on the table.

You will be able to touch and feel cards that are dealt for you. The experience will almost be the same with land-based casinos as you will be able to hit, stand or double, except you will not physically be in a land-based casino.


  • Roulette

This is the third most popular online VR game. The game gives players an opportunity to step in it using VR.

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