The Story Behind Valentine’s Day According to Ancient Myth

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, most online casino gamblers will be looking for the best gift and date.

However, do you really know the history behind the day and why we celebrate it?

Here are some Valentine’s Day myths and legends to get you going.

History of Valentine’s Day

 Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

The beginning of Valentine’s Day starts in the 5th century Rome with Pope Gelasius I.

It begins with the Pope writing an emotional review of the pagan celebration of Lupercalia in Rome.

In order to get rid of these violent celebrations in the Christian city, the Pope brings about the feast of St Valentine, which is now known as Valentine’s Day.

Why Call It Valentine

The feast is to honour one of the first Christian martyrs in the history of Christianity. So we can say it is a Christian Holiday.

After refusing to give up his Christian faith, the 3rd-century Roman soldiers kill Valentinus.

Pope Gelasius I  decides to honour this act of faith and love by replacing Lupercalia with the feast of Saint Valentine later Known as Valentine’s Day.

The feast ideology was to bring ideas of love, marriage and fertility.

 Who is Saint Valentine

In a more defining argument, Geoffrey Chaucer links the festival with the idea of love, courtship and affection.

Furthermore, he states that St Valentine is a martyr because he was marrying Christian couples.

To explain Valentine’s day linking with the heart.  He states that St Valentine would give the men heart pieces to remind them of their marriage promises.

In connection with the “ your Valentine” card-giving tradition, Saint Valentine left a note to the daughter of his jailer after healing her from blindness.

 How Valentine’s Became Popular

After the famous author, William Shakespeare’s writings on the day. It significantly rose in popularity between the  16th and the 17th century.

This brings us to the commercialization of the day by retailers and a World-wide rise in the popularity of the day of love.

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