Unwritten Poker Rules that You Need to Know

The reason why there are unwritten Poker rules is that the game is a social game. There is a lot of interaction between Poker players and even new players get to know about these rules.

Poker rules

Unwritten Poker rules to be followed

Here are the Dos and Don’ts in a Poker game

Do not Angle Shoot

You are not supposed to angle shoot in a Poker game. Angle shooting is when a player intentionally takes a move to disadvantage less experienced players. Examples of angle shooting is trying to see other players’ hole cards , intentionally acting out of turn and hiding your high value chips.

Another example is stating that you have winning hands at the showdown when you do not have them.

Observe Poker Rules- Never Slow Roll

One of the worst things that you can do at a Poker table is slow rolling.  Try to avoid it, slow rolling is when you know that you have got the best hand but refuse to show it in time. This is giving the impression that another player is going to win.

It is not considered to be slow rolling if you are in the middle of the hand.

Do not be a Time Waster

Do not take too much time to make decisions. It annoys most Poker players so do not do it.  there is no need to pretend like you are smart by delaying to make the decision that you want to make.

Do Not Call The Clock Unless it is Necessary

Calling the clock is when you call the floor man to limit another players time when you think they are taking a lot of time to decide.

The floor man will  usually give the player 60 seconds to decide after someone calls the clock. It is wiser to treat your opponents with respect.

Act in Turn

Declare your move only when it is your time to do so. Do not announce your action when another player is still thinking. If you act out of turn you will give that player information.


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