The World’s Most Strangest Animals

Strangest Animals

World’s Strangest Animals: Jabiru Stork

There are a lot of animals in the world and among them are the strangest animals one can ever imagine.

for example, here are some animals that you may not know exists.

One of the Strangest Animals On Earth, the Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle is one of the most distinctive birds on earth. Hence, the wings of this bird can span over.

Ribbon Worm

The ribbon worm is a green jelly-like worm which has a feeding pipe. Also, it produces pink mucus substance that paralyses its prey. The worms are mainly found in Taiwan.

Western Tarsier

It is found in the Philippines. However, hey vary between buff-grey and beige. Their long hind legs, skinny fingers and toes help them to climb. Also, hey can turn their heads nearly 180 degrees.

Jabiru Stork

They are found in central and north America.  The bird feeds on other animals that include fish, frogs, snakes, insects, crabs, young caimans and crocodiles.

Naked Mole Rat

They have a wrinkled and hairless body. The rats are rodents and they live in a crowded place.


Although they may look like a reptile, the pangolins are mammals. They are covered in scale which protects them from predators. They are the most trafficked animals in Asia and Africa. To curb trafficking governments agreed to pass laws that prevented trafficking of the pangolin.


The Echidna is an unusual mammal. Female Echidnas lay eggs making them monotremes. More so, they are only five monotremes in the world, egg-laying mammals are called monotremes. Additionally, they are found in deserts, in Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.



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