Could a Travel Bubble Between New Zealand and Australia be a New Model for the Future

A new travel bubble could soon be established between Australia and New Zealand.

The two countries discussing the likelihood of opening borders to each other.

This will create a travel corridor between the two countries.

The countries came close to completely shutting down their borders due to the coronavirus disease in March.

The countries appear to have brought coronavirus levels under control.

This may be the reason why the two countries’ borders could soon open to each other.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says New Zealand was one country in which the country could reconnect with first.

Travel Bubble 2020

Australia and New Zealand Travel Bubble

Australia and New Zealand’s Relationship

There are a number of things why the two countries would be each other’s first pick.

The countries have one of the strongest two-sided relationships in the world.

The citizens of the two countries can travel and work in each other’s countries without a visa.

Secondly, Australia heavily contributes to New Zealand’s tourism and vice versa.

Australians make up about 40% of tourist arrivals in New Zealand.

Australians also make 24%  of New Zealand’s international visitor spend.

The numbers are very important in a country like New Zealand.

This is because tourism is the country’s biggest export industry.

Also, New Zealand visitors make up 15% of Australia’s international visitors.

They also make 6% of Australia’s visitor spend.

Tourism is Australia’s fourth-biggest export industry.

The two countries are welcoming the possibility of opening up borders to each other.

The decision was reached due to the fact that tourism contributes in a huge way in the countries.

How the Bubble Will Work

Currently, there are quarantine rules in Australia due to coronavirus.

If one is travelling from one city to the other, they will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Due to the virus airports will also need to introduce some measures.

The bubble may work if the self-quarantine measures end.

Authorities are hoping for a  future where tourists will be tasted for COVID-19.

Also, where would be allowed to enter a plane if they test negative for the virus.

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