Lessons That you can Learn from Playing Poker

Poker lessons are many, I have been playing Poker for the last 20 years, right from my collage years. All I wanted those days was to have fun and win big while playing Poker.

Of course there are days that I won and those that I lost in Poker and i learnt a lot of things while playing Poker over the years.

Here are some of the things that you can learn while playing Poker.

poker lesson

Poker Lessons that you can learn

Poker Lessons


You cannot win every hand, you win some hands and lose some hands. Do not let your emotions control you, dealing with loss can be difficult. Sometimes I got frustrated when I got a bad hand.

The experience of losing can teach you how to control emotions. learning to control emotions and not react immediately but instead waiting until you  have calmed down will help you make better decisions. You need discipline if you want to be a better Poker player.

Reacting in the moment that you are angry will make you do things that you will regret later.

Bankroll management

You need money to wager so having a bankroll when gambling is important.  You should never spend what you do not have.


One thing that Poker teaches you is patience. You will sit at that table for long periods before the game finally ends.

Decision making

Deciding which hand to play is a hard thing and you know the way you play is going to determine whether you win or lose. In life there are times when you will at some point have to make tough decisions.

Poker has many variations, you will have to choose which one to play, in life there are thing like choosing the right career. At some point, you are going to have to make choices in real life.

We do not always know the whole picture of our lives and the impact of the choices that we make but at the end of the day decisions have to be made.


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