Poker Color Coded Chip: What They Mean

Poker Color Coded Chips are a form of currency when playing Poker in a casino.

Secondly, they have different colours and each colour has a value that is attached to it.

The colours of the chips are white, pink, red, blue, green and black. Each chip signifies a certain number of units.

Colour Coded Chips

Poker Color Coded Chips

The values of the chips are as follows

Full Poker Color Coded Chip values

  • White $1
  • Pink $2.50
  • Red $5
  • Blue $10
  • Green $25
  • Orange $50
  • Black $100
  • Pink $250
  • Purple $500
  • Yellow $1000
  • Light blue $2000
  • Brown $5000

There are some variations on the chips which changes occasionally, for example, green is a 20 sometimes.

Sometimes casinos replace standard colours with different ones in order to avoid duplication.

Casino chip collections

Casinos print the name of the casino on the face of Poker colour coded chips to avoid duplication. Some casinos will use a number of colours to design their chips.

High-value chips that are $5000 and above can rarely be seen by general casino players as they are usually purchased by Highroller gamblers and are often used in private.

What to consider when buying Poker Color Coded Chips

If you ever decide to play Poker with friends at home you could always buy your own Poker chips and custom design them to what you want.

Also, here is what you should consider when buying chips.

  1. The number of chips you want to buy- this depends on the number of players that you are going to play Poker with. A person needs about 60 to 70 chips.
  2. The colours of the chip sets-you need to consider what values you want to buy.
  3. The material of the chips – there are clay, metal and plastic chips. You can decide what you want to buy from these chips.

Clay chips are however nicer than the other ones.

Casinos use clay chips, the chips will be customarily made by a manufacturer making it hard to imitate them.

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