Online Slot Machines Biggest Winners

The jackpots for online games are getting bigger every day. This is because online gambling is getting more popular as the technology gets better. The highest winnings come from popular online slot machines like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Below are some of the progressive online slot machines biggest winners of all time.

Slot Machines Biggest Winners

Online Slot Machines Biggest Winners

The Lucky Rawiri Pou

As they say, gambling is a game of luck for some. Rawiri Pou, a first-time progressive online slot machine player lives to tell that story. The New Zealander won about US$7,4 million from playing Mega Moolah on Casino Land. Though Rawiri Pou could not believe his luck, his intentions were to spend most of his money on family.

Online Slot Machines Mysterious Winner

Even after winning, some lottery and gambling winners like to stay anonymous. The online slot machines winner, only known as DP on iPad, won about USD$8.82 million. The woman won after again playing Mega Moolah on Zodiac Casino after depositing just one dollar. This winning led to the writing of a book in her honor. However, she remains anonymous.

None Sleeping Fortune

Did you know that you can become a millionaire from not sleeping? A Norway student became restless, went to play online slot machines and became a millionaire. The student won over US$13 million from progressive slot machines on Betsson. Com. Also, his winnings came from the free spins he got from playing different games on the online casino.

The Luckiest Man Alive

Like Rawiri Pou, this man is indeed one of the luckiest men ever. The 40-year-old man won 24 million after placing a bet of just 25 cents on an online slot machine. Additionally, this was the biggest winning of 2013 even after placing the least bet. Who says online casinos will wreck your finances? You can win with just 25 cents.  No wonder why he cried and laughed at the same time after this winning.

A Good Sign Up Check

Betway gave Jonathan Heywood the best welcome gift of all time. After just 25 minutes of joining the site, Heywood won US$17,2 million. The British soldier also found his win in the Guinness book of records as the biggest jackpot won for an online slot machine in online slot machines history.


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