Notorious Sports Gambling Scandals

Sports gambling comes with an inborn possibility of cheating. Over the years sports gambling scandals have been unearthed. There is always a huge gain or something to be taken advantage of in the gambling industry. Even the most honest people are compromised when stakes are high.

Since the birth of sports gambling, officials of sports leagues have been sceptical about it putting their sporting integrity at risk. However, it is good to note that both gambling and sports have managed to co-exist. Though there have been a few scandals along the way.

NBA Official Donaghy Disgraced

A long-serving official of the NBA by the name Donaghy crushed his career and the respect he had earned over the years in 2007. FBI did investigations that showed he was involved in betting games on the NBA and had also sold details to gamblers. This he did to cover up for the money he had in arrears.

However, it is still a mystery and not know if he at some point manipulated the score with the whistle, on games he betted on. The investigation also showed that during the time he was in touch with a high stakes gambler James Battista, they had a notable winning rate of 88%.

Moreover, the offence was considered serious and he was sent to 15 months behind bars for taking part in that gambling scheme.

The Mafia Ties in Sports Gambling Scandals

Over the years organized crime organizations have in one way or the other manipulated sporting events for gambling benefits. Their target is usually the college students who have just started on their careers.

In the year of 19978 and 1979 NCCA basketball season, a Boston College player Rick Kuhn met Henry Hill. The duo masterminded a match-fixing deal for the whole season in exchange for @10 000. During that fix, Hill won over $100 000 in that season. However, after investigations, he was put in jail for 28 months.


The above are a few of the notorious sports gambling scandals that made news over the past years.


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