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slot tournaments

How Slot Tournaments Work

Slot tournaments are very easy to play as they do not require special skills. Well you can play them of you want but first you can practice by playing real money online casino slot games. The competitive nature of slot tournaments adds a lot of excitement to the games. Additionally, winning the price money is twice...

common foods around the world

Common Foods in Countries Across the World

Traveling exposes you to different types of things. One of the most exiting things that you will encounter are common foods around the world. Other things that will also come to mind when one travels is culture. There are some weird foods that you can find around the world, some of these foods may actually...


The Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

Persimmon is a sweet winter fruit. The fruit originated from Southern China and it belongs to the stone fruit group. It has four varieties namely Indian, Japanese, American and black persimmon. All the variations have the same nutritional values, the only difference is the slight dietary fibre consumption. Here we look at the benefits of...

strangest lakes

The Strangest Lakes in the world

There are a number of strangest lakes that are found in the world. This may be because lakes are contained in water bodies. There are so many creatures that live in these lakes that are unusual too. Here are some of the lakes that you will find in the world that are unusual. Well, you...

Scientific Breakthroughs to look forward to

New Inventions and Scientific Breakthroughs

New Inventions and Scientific Breakthroughs So many inventions have been made to date. Here we look at the latest inventions that have hit the world recently. Every industry has seen growth that is technologically related, the real money casino industry has also not been spared.   Scientific Breakthroughs which saw Stem Cell Transplants Cure Sickle Cell...

Solar Powered Car

The Light year One: Solar Powered car

Imagine the prospect of not having to wait at a petrol or diesel station, a solar-powered car will not only save you money but time also. The car can drive 450 miles with a single charge of 60KWh battery. Let us look at the benefits as well as downsides of this awesome car. Efficient Solar...