How to Build Up Workers Motivation

In order for any company to be bale to grow, it needs to make sure that the employees are happy. As much as the big bosses would like to deny this, they need their employees more the employees need them. This is because, it is the employees who do the work, and all that the big bosses do is delegate. Therefore imagine a case where there was to delegate the tasks to. That is why today we are looking at few ways that you as boss can use to motivate your employees.

incentives to motivate your employees

motivate your employees

Employee Motivation Strategies

Motivate Your Employees  by Increasing their pay

This one is a bit obvious, the best way to make sure that someone does what they are supposed to do is to give a good salary. That ay they know exactly what it is that they are working for. And they will work even harder with hope of getting another raise.

Reward system

The Reward System is one that has been known in many companies. What you simply do is reward them each time they reach and beta a target. This can be an individual or a team target. The reward has to be something that is separate from their salary. That way, they know that the more work that they do, the more rewards they get.

Create a great working environment

Another thing that you can do to get your employee motivated is to create a great working environment. Take for instance Google Office sin California have one of the best work environments in the world. Such that employees, even on their off days, would rather be at work.

Know Employees by Name

Knowing your employees by their names, makes them believe that they are special. Greeting tem by their names, makes them want to do a better job as the boss knows them. Therefore, this will push them to work even harder.





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