Mobile Phones Downside: How Phones can Affect your Health

One of the greatest inventions right now is that of mobile phones. This has put the world in the palm of your hands. Also, it holds no distance barriers and has the answers to everything you need. Additionally, they have made our lives way easier. However, we also have the downside of mobile phones. This article will focus on how phones can affect your health.

Mobile Phones and Radiation

Radiation is the release of electromagnetic waves in high

Negative effects of Mobile Phones

mobile phones

Mobile Phones and Heart issues.

If you have a pacemaker in your chest or abdomen it best to reduce your phone time. This is because the radiofrequency on your phone can affect the function of this electronic device. Also, it can affect the normal pulse rate of the pulse and make it deliver pulses different from that of the heart. Precautions have been made to help prevent this. However, it is just to be careful and try to answer the mobile phone on the ear opposite to where the pacemaker is.

Your Phone can Affect your Sleep

Spending time on your phone just before bed can cause difficulty in sleeping. According to research, the artificial blue screen on your mobile phone can decrease melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the sleep and wake cycle. Also, you need to put your phone down in order to actually give your brain time to release this hormone and help you sleep.

They Can Increase Anxiety Levels

When you feel like your phone is your life, you will definitely get anxious when something happens to it. Research done by YouGov says that over 50% of the mobile phone users get anxious when their phone dies or when the battery runs low. Also, most people say that anxiety comes from not being able to communicate with people. In turn, this can cause depression and restlessness.

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