Most influential slots ever designed

Over the years, different types of slot machines have been designed. This is because developers feel the need to move with the times and design slots that are modern. Although a lot of slots have been designed, there are a few that have been quite influential in history than others and in this article, we list the most influential slots ever to be designed.



Fortune Coin was the first company to develop the first ever video slot machine back in 1976. The design of the slot machine was centered on a 19″ Sony TV set. They came with bugs and glitches but as soon as those were ironed out, the video slot became quite popular and spread like wildfire throughout the world.


A progressive slot is a single slot machine that is linked to other machines and shares a large jackpot with those machines. The main idea behind progressive slots was due to the fact that slot machines took up a lot of space in land-based casinos without really offering huge jackpots. It was in 2000 when MicroGaming developed their first ever progressive slot called Cash Splash and their popularity grew like wildfire.

the best influential slots

influential slots


For quite some time, slot machines featured themes that were based on some traditional symbols like 7s, playing cards, and cherries. However, it soon changed in 2005 when the first branded online slot was designed. Its name was Tomb Raider. The slot machine came with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Players were excited to play a game that was tied-in with an iconic video game character. This made branded games quite popular and gave way to new branded slots featuring superheroes, rock groups, and many others.

3D Slots

Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine was launched in 2013 and became quite popular around the world. It came with a lot of striking visuals that were then only found on video games. From then on, playing slots became more about storytelling, entertainment, and stunning graphics.

Virtual Reality

These can only be played at a virtual reality casino where you play in immersive 3D via a headset. SlotsMillion was the first virtual reality casino to be launched back in 2015. Although technology hasn’t really grown, it does look like this is the future of online casino gaming.


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