How Lightning Dice Online Works

Dice has been a dominant feature in the gambling industry since time immemorial, lightning dice is one of the games which features dice. Dice games are random and exiting.  Lightning Dice was created by Evolution Gaming, here is how it works.

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How Lightning Dice  works

How To Play Lightning Dice

The game is very simple, you do not have to learn a lot of things.  A digital board pops up when you chose the game. The board has numerous numbers on it, the numbers will be 16 in total.

Each number has a multiplier associated with it, the multiplier signifies the amount that you will win if that number wins.  After the digital board with numbers pops up it will be time for you to pick numbers. The betting window will then close and lightning will strike several numbers on the board. The multipliers linked to the numbers will increase.

After that the dealer will pull the handle to release the three dice. If the lightning hits any  of the numbers you chose, you will win. The payouts of the game range from 5 times your stake to 1000 times your stake. The game is about betting on the total of the dice.

The stakes depend on the numbers you bet.

Tips and Strategy

Lightning Dice will tips help you avoid some mistakes that might make and also it will help you maximise your chances of winning.

As mentioned earlier the game is all about betting on the total of the dice. The more it is difficult to make a number, the higher the multiplier.

You will be required to place your bet first before you see what lucky numbers are. The numbers lucky numbers are decided by a Random Number Generator after you place your bets.  The numbers that will have been chosen will be lit up on the board by digital lightning.

Lucky numbers can have multipliers which are 1000 times your stake. Also, only 3 and 18 qualify for the 1000 times multipliers. This is because there is one possible combination that can make both.  The lower the probability of  number making a specific number, the higher the possible payout.

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