Real Money Casino Games With Lowest House Edge

What is the house edge?

None wants to lose in gambling, so we shall look at Real money casino games with the lowest house edge. Firstly, we shall look at what the house edge is the advantage that the house has on you. Casino games have a built-in mathematical edge that makes sure the house will win over the long term although the edge varies depending on which game played.

house edge online casinos

House edge casinos


Casinos need to have a certain percentage of advantage over gamblers to remain in business. Without the casino’s gamblers will always win and casinos will not be able to finance their businesses.

Casino games with the lowest house edge

Real money casino advantage can be as high as 16% + and can be as low as 2% depending on the game you chose to play.

When you play real money games online make sure you have a strategy because if you do not play using a strategy, the casino will have a bigger advantage.


When we talk of games with lowest house edges, Blackjack comes into mind.  At an online Blackjack table, the casino can have an advantage as low as 0.28% when using a basic strategy.


Online Craps is another game with the lowest casino advantage. Although there are many bets that can be placed on a table and many of them sucker bets with high casino advantage, there are also Craps bets including pass/ come and pass/ don’t come which comes with 1.41% and 1.36% casino advantages respectively.


Another game that has low casino advantage is Baccarat. The game has 1.06 house edge on banker bets and 14.36 on tie bets. It also has 1.24 on player bets and 14.36% on tie bets. Bet on banker bets only as they have the lowest edge and also You need to read rules.

Finally, roulette has a house edge of 5.26% in American games while in Europe it has 2.70%.


For you to have greater odds of winning, you should play games with the lowest house edge.  Always make sure you make use of basic strategies because even if you play games with low house edge but with no strategy, the house will have an even greater advantage over you.  All of these games listed above are available on Ace Pokies.

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