Why we use Hashtags?

The world that we live in is a digital world. And because it is a digital, which means that all that we do will be on social media. This is because this is where all the traffic. And as AcePokies, we want to be in place where we can share the joy that comes with the online casino games with the whole world. We do not want to be selfish and enjoy our own. That is why we use social media, and it is where we have the hashtags that we use.

What are Hashtags?

Before we go very far as to why we sue hashtags, we need to make sure that we are all on the same wavelength. This means that we want o know that we all know what these things that we call hashtags are.  A hashtag is a statement or sentence that is seen by the #. This will always have the keyword or topic of interest so as to make sure that  people search for it.

Where did they come from?

As for the origins of hashtags, the first hashtag is dated back to 2007. In a Twitter post by Chris Messina who was a Google employee at that time. And it took a while for it catch on. However, it eventually ad today we use them in all that we do.

Why Hashtags?

Since we have clearly defined what they are, we can now go on to tell people why we use them.

Drives Traffic

One of the main reasons why we as AcePokies use them is so that we can drive traffic to our great online casino games. As we already said, these are games are just too good to keep a secret. Hence, want every one everywhere to have a taste of them.


Another reason why we use hashtags is that we will want run a promotion. Somehow hashtags always seem to stand out when compared to ordinary sentences. A hashtag has that factor that makes you want o stop and read the sentence to find out more about it.


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