Sports Bettor : The Greatest of All Times

Sports bettor Billy Walters is also a businessman who is regarded as the great sports bettor of all time. He is even regarded as the greatest sports gambler to walk the planet. He has been a professional gambler for more than 40 years with a record of only one losing year.

Moreover, he has a known record of having 30 straight years of winning. However as successful as he is known to be he was once terrible at it. With a total of $50 000 that he racked in losses at some point.

The most asked question is how he got to be the GOAT in sports betting when he was bad.

The Greatest Sports Bettor of All Time Walters Grew Up Working Hard

He is said to have a net worth that is between $100 million and $500 million. Billy grew up poor and had a rough home life when his auto mechanic dad passed while he was just 18 months.

Billy’s alcoholic mum left him and his siblings in the custody of their grandmother. Who later helped Billy secure his first $90 loan. Sadly she passed away when he was just 13. He had to move in with his mother who made him pay rent for staying with her.

Billy Was Really Bad At Sport Betting

At 21 he was working as a salesman at a car sale and through various means of hooking clients up he quickly became the top salesman. Billy had learned how to make money at a young age and he would use all the money through sports betting.

He was only 9 at the time he placed his first bet though his legendary betting career started to increase with his salary. And soon he was winning big with Roulette Wins with instances where he won millions.

Most punters can relate to Billy’s losses but few can relate to his winning spree that took a drastic turnaround having won over $100 million from sports betting alone.

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