Gordon Ramsay To Open an Online Casino

He surely is a man of many talents. This is a true statement when it comes to British Chef  Gordon Ramsay. For example, the chef is a restaurateur, writer, tv personality and a food critic.  Additionally, he is now about to own an online casino that will be focusing on his trademark, Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay the Master Chef

Master Chef Gordon Ramsay.


This vibrant personality was born in Scotland in 1966. He is well known for his multiple BBC cooking shows. For example, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and the F-Word. He is also a winner of 16 Michelin stars and is currently still holding 7 stars. Gordon Ramsay is one of the most sought after chefs in the world right now.

The Online Casino Games

According to The Sun UK, Gordon Ramsay is in the process of applying for Online Casino games. The games are going to follow Hell’s Kitchen theme. Firstly, he is applying to trademark his show form the UK Intellectual Property Office. The basis of the application is that the trademark is for computer programs. Particularly it is for playing casinos, gambling and betting games.

The Inspiration Behind the Online Casino: Hell’s Kitchen

The inspiration behind the online casino is Gordon Ramsay’s TV show  Hell’s kitchen. In the show, Ramsay is a Hollywood restaurant owner. Also, there will be young chefs competing to be one of the head chefs in his numerous worldwide restaurants. In particular, they have to do various tasks and challenges in order to win.

Gordon Ramsay Comedy Show

Looks like Ramsay is not only expanding to online Casinos. The chef is also working on a  Gordon Ramsay chef comedy with Fox TV. The show does not have a title yet and is just known as the Steven Cragg/Brian Bradley/Gordon Ramsay comedy. The plot is on how a young chef must work with her Gordon Ramsay like a former boss after opening her own restaurant young chefs

So let us wait and see what this multi-talent has in store for our online gambling sites. We surely hope it is going to be something great like the rest of his works.

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