How Long Does It Takes to Become a Good Dentist in Australia?

We all aspire to take different career whilst in college or after college, right? But if you want to be the best dentist in Australia there are certain courses that you will have to study. However, the exact route that you need to take to become a dentist depends on a few factors. These factors include whether you specialize in oral surgeon or periodontist. This will require some training regardless of studying in college.

Moreover, some of the students who opt not to specialize can also go on and shorten their time school. This will come with a combine educational program.

On that note, the following factors will go on and affect your timeline when becoming a dentist.

Type of Program

Most of the aspiring dentist will complete a four-year program in undergraduate. This is then followed by another four years in the dental program. This will then combine the undergraduate degree with dentist training. This will then typically allow students to complete this program in six years’ time in Australia


Whether you opt to choose to specialize or not in an area of dentistry, this will also influence your timeline as you are studying. This is simply because specialization will require a lot of time along with additional training. Having enough is actually important so that you will not mess up once you get into the field.

Undergraduate Major

There is a major when it comes to dentistry. And the major that you are going to pursue during your undergraduate program surely have some effect on how long are you going to take for you to become a professional dentist. For instance, students who opt for an undergraduate program in areas such as biology, chemistry or pre-med that may also take fewer courses in dental school.

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