Gambling Games you Can do With Friends

Gambling Games are the best if you want to spend some time with friends.

If you love gambling and would love to do it with friends at your own location, well you can create gambling action without going to the casino.

The most interesting thing is that the house does not have an edge simply because there is no casino, you can bet on anything you want.

Here are some games you can try with your friends

Gambling Games at Home

Pitch Quarters as part of your Gambling Games

This game is not expensive and it is a fun way to spend time with friends.

How to play the game

Two or more players will stand near a wall, at a specified position. Each pitcher has a quarter that they will toss toward the wall. The players will do this one at a time.

in Addition, The player that has a quarter that is closest to the wall wins all  other quarters that were pitched by others.

You have to make sure you practice before doing it with friends because you will lose some money quickly if you do not practice.  Also do not assume that throwing quarters is easy because just like any other game, it requires practice.

 Sports Betting

You can engage in sports betting as friends with friends. You do not need to go to sports betting sites, all you need are some friends and a verbal agreement on how much you are going to bet.

Although you might have challenges of finding people who would like to bet on the other side, you save money.

Be sure not to get in trouble with the law, if your group is large they might think you are running a bookmaking business.


In other parts of the world, friends meet at night and play Poker. this night is often called Poker night.

To play Poker, you only need four or five people, the options of Poker include.

  1. Omaha High
  2. Omaha High low
  3. 7 card Stud
  4. Dealer’s Choice
  5. Texas Hold’Em

Players can play for stakes that they agree on and it can be any amount.

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