Understanding Full Cover Bets at Aussie Casinos

Understanding Full Cover Bets

Many new punters are scared of full cover bet such as run for the hills and Trixie. In as much as these full cover bets are confusing to understand they come with the chance of winning huge payouts. Though many punters hear about these they really do not get the chance to get rewards of a good full bet cover.

Full Cover Bet in Simple Terms

It is a bet that has all possible multiple bets for a given number of selections.

What is the General Idea of a Full Cover Bet?

These full cover bets have 3 to 8 sections with each section a wager in its own right. Every section can be any type of bet that is Moneyline, over or under and prop bets can be each section in a full cover bet.

The one thing you should remember is that all the bets could be different types of bets on different games while still be part of the same full cover bet.

Advantages of Full Cover Bets

Full cover bets come with less risk compared to parlay bets. With full cover bets, you only have to win two of the selections for a pay-out. Another advantage is that it splits a bet over multiple sections. Hence you make more profit than you would in a straight single bet.

The disadvantage of Full Cover Bet

Full cover bets have small pay-outs which is a disadvantage compared to parlay bets if you happen to win all your selections. That the lower risk also comes with lower pay out or returns.

Examples of Full Cover Bet

  • Three sections (Trixie)
  • Four sections (Yankee)
  • five sections (Canadian)
  • Six sections (Heinz)
  • Seven sections(Super Heinz)
  • Eight sections (Goliath)

These bets are typically between three to eight selections with one known by a specific name.

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