Dangers of connecting to free WiFi

Free wifi is dangerous, although it is easy to find and work with it has many negative impacts that come with it. We know how easy it is to get attracted to free things. You get to a restaurant or a coffee shop and just discover a free Wi-Fi connection. The next thing you are thinking is to connect to view and respond to a few emails right? Well, as much as it sounds interesting this has a lot of dangers that come with it. Here are the reasons why it is dangerous to connect to free Wi-Fi

dangers of free wifi

free wifi

Access to your information

Free Wi-Fi and public networks lack encryption, which gives room to hackers and other people access to your information. Public networks require no authentication so any hacker can obtain access to all the unsecured devices using this network. This automatically means they can access your documents, emails and even access to your banks through bank apps. It is advisable especially for gamblers who play at online casinos to use secured networks so as to protect their information as well as their funds acquired from gambling for real money.

Malware distribution due to free wifi

Unknowingly malware can be distributed to your device. Things like viruses, Trojan and more can find its way through to your device via free Wi-Fi. These come in different forms like pop up apps that need you to accept. The dangerous thing about malware is that it can stay in your device for a long time. This can give the hacker enough time to collect information that they can use for criminal activities.

Man in the middle attacks (MitM)

This is the most dangerous thing associated with free Wi-Fi networks. Just as the name it simply means there is a man between you and the network. When a computer connects to n unsecured network, data is sent from that computer to another. A hacker is able to come in between and read or collect whatever information that is being sent from point A to point B.

For you to be safe from these you need to

  • Disable sharing- disabling file-sharing can save you from hackers.
  • Log out of your accounts after using them
  • Use VPN if not then make sure you use an https when you visit websites, especially if they request you to put your credentials
  • Invest in your own unlimited data plan. This will not make you safe from cyber-crime but also the need to go for free Wi-Fi which can be u n safe. For those who enjoy online mobile casinos, this will be a great investment. You no longer have to stay in a certain area to play because you need the Wi-Fi. You can move around and play anywhere using your own unlimited data.



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