Importance of forgiving yourself

As each individual is living their lives and trying to figure out how to map out their lives.  At some point, you have disappointed yourself. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. What’s important is to learn from those mistakes and strive to be better. We have always been told that if we wrong someone, we must ask for forgiveness and move on with our lives. There are or were very few occasions where we were taught the importance of forgiving ourselves.  for the million mistakes, we have beat ourselves about.

Always be mindful of the values that guide you

The reason why most of us are quick to get angry or to feel the pressure is that our actions do not tally with the values we have pegged for ourselves. The first thing you can do is to try and identify those values. Define your values according to the kind of person you are. In case you got carried away, there is no need to keep on incriminating yourself about the past. It’s not the time for that, its time to start a new chapter on a new page in a whole new book. You are only allowed to refer to the past when you are picking up lessons. Get a clear picture of your values and try to live by them, if you fail, pick yourself up and start over.

Your past must not determine who you are

There are so many people who skip the stages of progress. This is because they are still bound to the wrongs of the past. That is not who you are! Free yourself and say it was just a mistake, you can do so much better. Forgive yourself and work on the person you want to be, you will love the results and those around you will love you too.

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