Facebook Facts That Are Not True

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. The amazing application carries over a billion users. Imagine if Facebook was a country it would be the third biggest in the whole world. However, just like anything that can have the biggest effect on a large number of people. There will always be a lot of misinformation about it.

However, we are going to clear the air on certain things that have been said about social media platform which are not true.

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You Can Manipulate What Appears in Your Feed

A couple of months ago, there were some rumours that were doing around that Facebook has created a new algorithm. The so-called algorithm that will surely limit your feed to just 26 friends. From that moment quite, a number of people went on and updated their status to share their disgust for the algorithm. And they requested all their friends to reply in order to retain a place in their news feed.  This is not only false news. But it would be a huge blunder and a bad business for Facebook.

The End of Facebook is Nigh

This rumour was triggered with viral footage of Mark Zuckerburg declaring that he is going to close down the platfrom. In the video, he refers to himself as “the Zuck man himself”. And that was a clear sign that the video was fake. If you take a good look at the video you can tell that the clip has been doctored. It was all a prank but people reacted accordingly. And rumours we spread that Facebook will no longer be there.

Well, at least we have some tech whizzes who can dictate these fake videos. Meanwhile, you can play online casino games at Ace Pokies and win real money anywhere anytime without any hassles.


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