How continuous Shuffling Machines Work

Continuous shuffling machines can be found on Blackjack tables. They are among the most polarizing technology that was invented in the gambling industry

continuous shuffling Machines

how real money continuous shuffling machines work

What is A Continuous Shuffling machine

Blackjack cards have always been dealt with by a dealer, this was the case despite how many decks were used.  The continuous shuffling machine handles all the shuffling so the dealer does not need to stop the game.

The dealer only puts the decks on top of the shuffling machine and the machine randomly shoots cards into different slots that are inside it.

When the machine is done it pushes the decks on top which means the dealer will not have to stop the game in order to deal the decks.

Why Casinos Use Continuous Shuffling Machines

Casinos use continuous shuffling machines to speed up the action.  50 to 100 hands can be dealt with using this machine per hour. Despite having the machine, some dealers may be slow so if the dealer is slow there will be less than 100 hands dealt. The machine increases the number of hands being dealt with. Without the machine, dealers would have to stop the game every 40 to 60 minutes.

Another reason for using continuous shuffling machines is that casinos will have more profits. Casinos have house edge over unskillful players so if they keep playing, they continue losing meaning the casino gains more money.

It also reduces dealer mistakes, although dealers are highly trained and it is unlikely for them to make mistakes, they are human and sometimes they do make mistakes. On the other hand, machines do not make mistakes.  A machine will not unknowingly expose cards or take more time to deal after making a mistake.

It also stops card counters from deck penetration.

Why Players do not Like Shuffling Machines

Some players feel like they are moving towards automated games and they do not like that.  Also, some Blackjack players think the machines increase the house edge. Some worry that the machines rig games which is not true

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