Common Foods in Countries Across the World

Traveling exposes you to different types of things. One of the most exiting things that you will encounter are common foods around the world. Other things that will also come to mind when one travels is culture.

common foods around the world

Common Foods

There are some weird foods that you can find around the world, some of these foods may actually be tasty. When you visit parts of the countries listed below don’t forget to bring your phone along, you do not want to miss plying real money online casino games.

Here are some weird foods that you can find around the world.

Bird’s Nest Soup

The soup is made from the nest of swftlet birds. The birds use an edible gummy saliva to build the nest. additionally,  you can find the dish in South East Asian countries.

Mopane Worms is one of the Common Foods in Africa

They are a great source of protein. Also, If you visit Africa make sure you try these. you can find them in

Southern Africa countries.


You will find this  dish in middle eastern countries. They prepare the dish using boiled stomachs, heads, and feet of cows and sheep.


Hakarl is the national dish of Iceland. In addition, They make the  dish from fermented sleeper sharks left out to dry for four to five months.


You will find this dish mainly in the Netherlands. additionally, you can you can eat it with chopped anions.


The dish is made of sheep stomach.  Additionally, They  stuff the sheep with heart mince, liver and lungs.


People in  Portugal and Spain prepare this dish.  Furthermore, they make the dish from barnacles scraped off cliffs. Lastly, because these barnacles will be on cliffs, these are difficult to get.


Escamol is a Mexican, they make the  dish t from edible ant larvae and pupae which they collect from the mescal plant.

Raw Sliced Basashi horse Meat

This is a Japanese dish and it is served with sushi.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Some Canadians make rocky mountain oysters  from fried bull testicles and you will find the dish  some parts of Canada.


This is simply puffer-fish, if you do not prepare the dish properly it may be poisonous. more so, the dish is a Japanese delicacy.




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