Reasons Why you Should Be a Casino Dealer

A casino dealer Australia spends the whole day interacting with players in a casino, seems like fun right? Well the job has its pros and cons just like any other job but that should not keep you from getting your favourite casino job.

Here are the reasons why you should be a casino dealer.

How to be a Casino Dealer Australia

Casino Dealer Australia

Remuneration of a casino dealer Australia

Dealers make as much as $100, 000 per year. And if you work for small casinos, your salary may be half of that, which is a good starting point.

Job requirements

To get the job, you do not need to have so many educational certificates, sometimes all you need is weeks’ training and you are good to go. Casinos usually offer in house training.


A number of casinos offer good benefits because they are part of bigger corporations. Some reimburse staff their money if they attend work-related learning classes.

Customers will also give you tips but in order to get tips, you have to be customer friendly.

When you work extra hours and during the holidays, you get extra cash as well.

Conditions of employment

Although you will be required to work some holidays and nights, you will have flexible working hours. Casino staff will get breaks during the eight hour period that you are required to work so you will end up working just six hours.

You can arrange your own time off work and the time will be paid because casinos do provide for that. Workers are given time off each week and you can combine that time to take a vacation.

Advancement possibilities

You can advance in your career by maintaining a clean work record, maintaining good customer care and being professional. The casino can promote you to a higher wage table or you may become a supervisor.

Nature of work

Record high profile workers in the casino industry and other gaming institutions are dealers. Dealers implement rules and regulations in games.  You can work part time while  you go to college or work full time.

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