Blackjack Players:The Four Types

Blackjack players often take a trip to the casino to play their favorite card game. Blackjack itself is one of the frequently played games in the casino. However, punters play the blackjack differently and in this article, we will look at the four types of blackjack players.

The First Type is the Advantage Blackjack Punters

Advantage blackjack players are regarded as the most successful punters. This group constitutes of punters who have mastered the card counting skill, hole-card players, shuffle trackers as well as ace sequence players.

According to research among punters, this is the group that has high chances of winning in the long run. It is important to be aware that not all card counters do it well to win in the long run.

Another Type is Perfect Strategy Blackjack Players

This group is made up of punters who understand the rules and always execute the best strategy in every situation. Perfect strategy blackjack players are aware of which combinations that offer lower house edge. Hence they play in games with good rules.

 On the List, There Are Ignorant Blackjack Punters

In it’s simplest terms the word ignorant here is simply referring to punters who do not what they are doing. Many punters fall into this category because they are ignorant of the rules and in some cases do not bother to learn the blackjack strategy.

These punters do not realize how powerful the basic blackjack strategy is. However, you can always excuse yourself from this category by simply learning the ropes.

The Worst Blackjack Punters

No punter once to spend money, time, and effort in the casino playing blackjack only to realize they fall into this group. Sadly this is the group where most blackjack punters fall into. These players make poor game decisions that are based on how they feel or experience from the past without backing it with mathematical reasoning.

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