What Does It Mean When a Casino “Backs Off” Player?

Every now and then you will hear someone has been backed off by a casino. With this in mind, you will probably wonder what it means. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean being banned or barred it’s a step in that direction.

Getting Backed Off by the Casino

Just like in any business casino, casino lovers love slot machines whether you are placing sucker bets at a craps table or on a progressive slot machine game. If you are a punter and this is probably all you do then you should not worry about being backed off by the casino.

However, they are punters who risk being back off.  The real money blackjack players will be playing with a lower house edge in the casino. Which means the casino has a smaller edge on these compared to other games.

Even too bad for the casino if the punter can read cards well and can play another advantage gambling technique. In some cases, the casino will back off these punters by simply limiting the size of their bets or require them to flat bet.

How to Avoid Getting Backed Off by the Casino

Punters who are good counters get their edge through the varying size of their bets depending on how much advantage the deck has. That is in some cases it makes more sense to bet more money. However, by raising or lowering the size of your bet you easily get attention from the casino.

Hence smart moves such as cutting down your betting spread from 1 to 10 units to 1 and 4 units will do you good as a punter.

What Should You Do if the Casino Backs You Off?

After doing everything right and sticking to the rules you can still get backed off by a casino. It’s advisable not to argue with casino staff if that happens. And at all costs avoid trespassing as this will get banned from the casino.


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