Daily Archive: July 10, 2020

houseparty app 2020

How the Houseparty is Entertaining the Generation in Lockdown

The Houseparty app that permits spontaneous gathering is back to replicate the social life of millions of people in the world. With COVID-19 causing massive dismay in the whole world, most people have gone into isolation as a way of quarantine. Some are making use of this moment to play online casino games and win...

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What to Lookout for When Selecting New Casino Sites

Casino sites are on the rise globally more players are opting for the online casino. Of course, it’s for the different advantages that come with it. Such as new casinos giving benefits to players who sign up and big wins. The rise of online casino businesses to some extend makes it difficult to really know...

Covid-19 scams today

Common COVID-19 Scams to Watch Out for

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought many people together especially families spending more time together. However by far not everyone intends to help people survive this pandemic, and there are those making money out of scamming people. Covid-19 scams are more common than now and we look at some of the in this article. Common COVID-19...